Neyestan Ensemble


The “Neyestan”ensemble was found by Kourosh Matin who is director, composer and Santour performer at 1995.The Neyestan ensemble at the begining tried for preservation of traditional Iranian music to develope and extension. Lately this orchestra achieved in new concepts and experiences at the base of orchestration and performance in Iranian instruments. However this accomplishment highlighted due to academic training of Kourosh Matin fostered in M.A. Thesis at the University of Arts. Nevertheless The “Neyestan” ensemble performed with different as quartet, quentet and greater national Iranian orchestra as in Tehran, other provinces also attended in “Space of Muqam” international music festival, Baku-2009. Besides the fact The “Neyestan” ensemble released CD “Sokout”, vocaled by Iraj Bastami and Tar soloist in this performance is Maestro Jalil Shahnaz.

دریافت بروشور





Neyestan Ensemble in Abu Dhabi Theatre IMG_2062_edit.jpg