Neyestan Music Ensemble represents in Baku


“Space of Mugam” International Music Festival in Baku-2009

Neyestan Music Ensemble represents in Baku

Neyestan Music ensemble represents in:
“Space of Mugam”
International Music Festival in Baku-2009
1- Overture Haft Zarbi (Dastgah: Homayoun composed and arranged by Kourosh Matin)
2- Chahar Mezrab (Santour and Tomban, Dedicated to Armin Moein)
3- Saz o Avaz “Dar e Meykadeha” Lyric: Hafez
4- Tasnif “Az to koja gorizam” ,Mode: Bidad, Lyric: Molana and Sharafodin Khorasani (Composed and arranged by Kourosh Matin)
5- Solo (Kamancheh and Oud)
6- Tasnif “Negara” (Dastgah: chahrgah, Old Iranian Song, Arranged by Kourosh Matin)
7- Reng “Darvish e Man” (Dastgah: Chahrgah, Composed and arranged by Kourosh Matin, Dedicated to Siavash Tahbaz)

+ With many thanks to Mrs. Golnaz Taheri and A.Boustan

At all times the musical art of Azerbaijan has been famous and popular in geographic area of the Caucasus, Middle Asia, Iran and Turkey. Many centuries of common spiritual and cultural history or, at least, active cultural mutual relations connect it with musical cultures of this region along with those of Indian subcontinent and Arabic East. All these musical cultures formed musical space where the Azerbaijanis have historically lived and where the culture of mugamat/ makamat has been the centere of attraction, the cultural element uniting them. Starting from the last quarter of the ?? century, considerably due to UNESCO activity, makamat and traditional modal music of these nations have come into the orbit of scholars` and the public` interests. During this period much has been done to study and spread this music. The purpose of this symposium is to attract attention to contemporary problems of this artistic phenomenon, and terms of its social life, its today’s performing practice and transmission, its perception and influence on the public including non-traditional listeners’ audience and also to discuss problems of its management at the current stage.